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An Introduction to Plumbing System and its Importance

The plumbing system is a crucial component in both residential and commercial structures, comprising three primary categories: sewage, water, and drainage plumbing. Plumbers are responsible for the design, installation, maintenance, and repair of each plumbing type to ensure optimal functionality.

In mechanical planning for buildings, three essential plumbing systems are established, focusing on creating efficient water, drainage, and sanitary pipe fittings of PVC. This includes the implementation of sewer pipes, proper pipe sloping, thoughtful water pressure design, and the installation of both overhead and underground piping. Additionally, ensuring secure access to water system components is integral, such as the installation of specialized roof hatches when the central water system control is located on the building's rooftop.

Pipe Fittings

uPVC pipe fittings are components used to connect and manipulate PVC pipes in plumbing and various other applications. uPVC is a versatile and durable thermoplastic material commonly used for piping systems due to its corrosion resistance, lightweight and affordability. 

uPVC pipe fittings come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different plumbing needs.

Agri Fittings:  uPVC pipes designed for agricultural use exhibit remarkable durability under challenging on-site conditions in farm settings. These pipes offer seamless installation and ensure a leak-free performance. Their distinctive features include resistance to chemicals, fire, and corrosion, as well as low thermal conductivity. These pipes and fittings are well-suited for various applications such as portable water supply, tube well casing, chemical effluent disposal, and agricultural irrigation.

It’s the extrusion process that allows uPVC pipes to achieve precise dimensional tolerances, combining lightweight properties with strength, rigidity without brittleness, and cost-effectiveness per unit volume compared to alternative pipe materials.

SWR Fittings: SWR pipes and fittings, crafted from premium raw materials, are specifically engineered to provide an effective solution for the efficient disposal of waste within drainage systems. Tailored for non-pressure plumbing applications, such as the conveyance of soil, waste, and rainwater, as well as non-pressure industrial drainage needs, these components are indispensable for waste discharge systems in diverse settings like residential and commercial complexes, resorts, and hospitals.

uPVC fittings system stands out as a superior alternative to traditional CI and GI piping systems due to its lightweight design, cost-effectiveness, non-corrosive nature, and UV stabilization, ensuring exceptional durability. This system not only performs under extreme weather conditions but also features a smooth inner surface that minimizes the risk of clogging.

TEE Fitting: A vital element within the plumbing systems, the uPVC TEE fitting is designed to create a T-shaped intersection, effectively dividing the water flow. Constructed from durable and corrosion-resistant uPVC, these fittings are available in various sizes and configurations, catering to different pipe dimensions and layout needs.

Whether in equal or reducing variations, it is necessary that the TEE fitting aligns with the plumbing system’s pressure rating to ensure compatibility with the intended use. Installation is made convenient through either socket or threaded ends, with the added benefits of uPVC’s chemical resistance and temperature durability enhancing the fitting’s reliability. The long-term advantages of high-quality uPVC TEE fitting are essential for establishing a secure and leak-free plumbing infrastructure.

TMT Plus Fittings Cater to Diverse Needs – Domestic and Industrial

At TMT Plus, we believe in delivering quality solutions. The credibility we have garnered over the decades speaks volumes about our commitment and the trust that customers and industries have reposed on us time and again.

Our uPVC fittings serve a multitude of purposes across domestic, industrial, and agricultural settings, owing to their versatile properties. In residential applications, uPVC fittings perform excellently in water supply and drainage systems due to their corrosion resistance and durability.

In industrial contexts, their chemical and corrosion resistance make them ideal for transporting substances safely, while their varied pressure ratings suit diverse manufacturing needs.

In agriculture, uPVC fittings shine in irrigation systems, enduring exposure to soil and chemicals. Their easy installation, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance contribute to their widespread use, providing reliable solutions across different sectors.

Overall, trust our uPVC pipes and fittings, which are a go-to choice for a wide range of applications.

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