uPVC Plumbing Pipes takes care all your plumbing requirements whether in personal homes or official buildings. These pipes are manufactured under world-class standards, with the ability to work round the year and to handle the flow of high liquid pressure, both hot and cold, without leakages or damages.

One more aspect that makes TMT Plus product the best is that installations are easy and the products are custom made in size and shape, catering to the diverse needs across kitchens, wash basins, washrooms, drainage pipes, etc.


  • uPVC Plumbing Pipes are extremely durable and also function under higher temperatures as compared to other pipes.
  • uPVC pipe fittings do not support combustion and don’t burn without external source of fire.
  • Joints of uPVC plumbing pipes have high strength and flexibility and they are safe and easy to install in a network of pipes.
  • The structural integrity of these pipes adds to their long life under optimal conditions and no external force of damage.

Where You Can Use This Product?


  • In households for supply of potable water, plumbing pipes.
  • In industries where corrosive fluids are supplied. Among the industries that use uPVC plumbing pipes are mineral processing, chemical processing, power sector, waste water treatment plants, among others.
  • In healthcare, education, hospitality, retail sectors where among supply of potable water, various chemicals, and other such requirements, the installation of fire sprinklers is also needed and uPVC plumbing pipes are used for this.

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