Water is an elixir of life, and water tanks: a vital resource for sustainability that sustains all living beings on our planet. Ever wondered there are so many options for buying a water tank but why TMT Plus? let us find out why

TMT Plus is a top notch water storage supplier to provide complete water storage solutions. With TMT Plus, you get the finest and strongest PVC water tanks with 100% virgin raw material LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) and fully automatic machines to manufacture Roto Mould technology. We are proud to be the leading water storage tank manufacturers in India.

Their need is absolutely vital, more so in modern times, as the sanctity of storing potable water, which can be used for drinking, cooking, washing, and other purposes for days, prevents wastage and takes care of constant worries about freshness.

Varieties of Layers in Water Tanks

3 Layer Water

4 Layer Water

5 Layer Water

7 Layer Water

Roto Mould Technology

The Roto Mould or Rotational Moulding plastic processing produces large hollow parts or components of virtually any size or shape. The technique envisages pouring plastic resins into the open cavity of two or more molds. Depending on the desired thickness of the wall and other characteristics, the type and quantity of resin is chosen.

Roto Mould machine has three stages:

  • Loading and unloading
  • Gas ovens generating heat
  • Cooling process

Small to bulk storage: Catering to all requirements

According to the requirements of houses or commercial buildings, our water tanks cater to all and a wide range of storage tank capacities from 500 ltr to 5000 ltr are available. Check out our products and book the one that fits your requirements.

Various Layer Tanks

Our offering has tanks in different layers, varying as per the needs and the cost. Starting with 3 layer tanks, we have 4 layer, 5 layer and 7 layer tanks.

Hot or Cold weather, TMT Plus water tanks function optimally

The change in seasons and fluctuations in temperature year-round don’t affect the performance of our storage tanks, as they’re designed to withstand the vagaries of weather.

The addition of a carbon layer to our water tanks acts as a barrier to harmful UltraViolet rays and hence protects the integrity and quality of the water. This layer also helps extend the durability of tanks. The UV-stabilised property provides insulation from heat and an air-tight lid ensures the inside surface and water stored are protected from heat, dust, insects, etc.


Features of TMT Plus Water Tanks

  • Material: TMT Plus uses 100% virgin raw material (LLDPE) resin, which provides durability and strength to the product. It also instills the qualities of being weatherproof and having a long shelf life in the product.
  • Cylindrical shape: The cylindrical shape of water tanks helps in the easy transportation of liquid. With a low center of gravity, and even distribution of pressure as water acts in all directions, this makes the cylindrical design the best one for the storage of water.
  • UVSP (UltraViolet Sun Protection): UV light is harmful and the carbon layer coating on TMT Plus tanks doesn’t allow these rays to penetrate the surface. Stabilizers used by TMT Plus ensure the product maintains high standards and is fit for storing potable water.
  • Low-cost maintenance: Our water tanks are made from strong and resilient material that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and exposure to sunlight, moisture, and chemicals. This feature makes PVC tanks less likely to develop leaks or cracks, reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.
  • Weatherproof: The tanks are designed in such a way that they can handle extreme temperatures in the range of extreme cold and heat. This makes them popular not just in India, but across various geographies and countries.
  • Anti-bacterial: Along with a smooth interior surface, enhanced features with extra layers in our products ensure that even bacteria can’t penetrate and affect water’s freshness. TMT Plus water storage tanks have the capability to incorporate additives that make the growth of algae and other microorganisms unfeasible.
  • Air-tight lid:The air-tight lid acts as a shield, preventing dust, debris, insects, leaves, and other external contaminants from entering the water tank. Furthermore, the lid helps in maintaining a more stable water temperature, which can discourage the growth of certain microorganisms that thrive in fluctuating temperatures.
  • Long life: TMT Plus tanks can absorb impacts without cracking or breaking easily; they’re easy to transport, install, and remain unaffected by fluctuations in temperature. All these points reduce the risk of damage during handling or accidental collisions. Along with proper maintenance, our water tanks can continue serving your needs for generations.
  • Durable & Economical: PVC water tanks are lightweight but strong, which makes them easy to transport, handle, and install. Despite its lightweight nature, it can handle the weight of water without change in composition or the threat of deformation. Features such as being recyclable, customizable, easy to transport and install, and having a long life make them more cost-effective than their contemporaries.
  • Suitable for industrial and household use: With properties such as being UV stabilized, durable, easy to install and maintain, having a long life and keeping potable water safe and hygienic for drinking, all these factors make our water tanks suitable for industries and domestic houses.

Where You Can Use This Product?

Technical Specification

Capacity(Ltrs) Dia (inches) Height
500 35 38
750 39 44
1000 44 46
1500 48 54
2000 54 59
3000 66 75
5000 74 79


  • Yes

  • – Choose water tanks very carefully. It depends on your requirements. Make sure it meets your water storage and usage requirements.
    – Here are the key to consider choose best water tank:
    – Water Storage Capacity
    – Size and Shape
    – Water Quality and Usage
    – Material and Durability
    – Installation and Maintenance
    – Manufacturer Reputation and Warranty
    – Cost and Value
    – Expert Advice

  • Selecting the right size water tank for your needs depends on various factors, such as:
    – Water Consumption
    – Storage Period
    – Emergency Storage
    – Available Space
    – Rainwater Collection
    – TMT Plus has water tanks capacity from 500 Ltr to 5000 Ltr.

  • TMT Plus manufactures 4 different types of Water Tanks.

    3 Layer:Made of three layers of polymer for best impact strength, and in addition to the dual layer a carbon black middle layer prevents entry of harmful UV rays with best effectiveness, resulting in longer life of your TMT Plus storage tank.

    4 Layer: In the category of TMT Plus’ 4 layer water tank, a higher dose of Polyurethane Foam is added to create an extra insulation which is also backed up by a carbon black UV protecting layer. This configuration helps to retain the water temperature when the environmental temperature crosses the 45° Centigrade mark.

    5 Layer: The 5 layered TMT Plus’ water tank has got a higher capacity to keep water cooler at the most extreme climatic conditions. The top High Definition cover layer makes this tank 100% UV radiation proof. Because of its 5 layers, this water tank is more sturdy and durable.

    7 Layer:TMT Plus’ 7 Layer water tank is a leading name in multi layered water tanks. This water tank provides UV protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. The 7 layers make it antimicrobial, anti- oxidant & carbon protected.

  • Yes, our water tanks are very safe for storing drinking water in residential, industrial, and commercial areas.

  • TMT Plus uses 100% virgin raw material (LLDPE) & fully automatic machines to manufacture RotoMould water storage tanks. Our water tanks have the most hygienic water as the material used for them is 100% Virgin, Food-Grade, UV Stabilised for Heat Insulation and most importantly they all have an air-tight lid to keep water fresh.

  • – The lifespan of water tanks depends on several factors, including
    Manufacturing Quality
    – Tank Installation
    – Material
    – Maintenance
    – Water Quality
    – Environmental Factors
    – TMT Plus water tanks are made from high quality materials, these tanks have a long life span.

  • Yes, our water tanks come with 5 to 10 years warranty on leakage and also depending on model and range

  • No! Because we need a proper surface to place a water tank

  • -We produce various types of water tanks and their dimensions are different.
    -Capacity from 500 Ltr to 5000 Ltr
    -Dia (inches) from 27 to 74
    -Height (inches) from 24 to 79

  • No, we have only round shaped water tanks.

  • TMT Plus produce water tanks in differents colors
    Available Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Golden, Green | Other colors also available as per requirement

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