A pioneer in the field of uPVC pipes and tanks, TMT Plus journey began in 1960 when it partnered with M/s Ambala Electric Wood Works and started a business of manufacturing high-quality wooden electrical fittings material. These included Wooden Casing Capping, Batten and Teak Wood Switch Boards and Boxes. As the market developed, the company started trading in PVC Casing Capping and PVC pipes as well.

In 2002, under the brand name of Haryana Polymers, a manufacturing plant with the capacity of 300 tonnes per annum for PVC pipes and casing and capping was set up. In 2006-07, the latest technology was introduced and the manufacturing capacity of the plant was increased to 1500 tonnes. Then in 2013, the company rebranded itself as TMT Polymers India Private Limited after acquiring complete possession of Haryana Polymers.

Since 2008, TMT Plus is renowned for being the best polymers manufacturing industry with a production capacity of 4000 tonnes, annually.

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