• The durability of uPVC pipes is unaffected by extreme temperatures or changes in the weather. Due to their ease of use and installation, TMT PLUS uPVC pipes have also proven to be effective in harsh environments.

  • TMT Plus uPVC pipes are known for their uncommon unwavering quality. uPVC pipes can last for decades when installed correctly. The assessed life expectancy of uPVC pipes is 50 years.

  • TMT uPVC pipes and fittings are resistant to both internal and external corrosion, despite the fact that corrosion is a prevalent and ongoing problem in the plumbing industry. They are more durable than metal pipes because the risk of cracks and leaks is nearly eliminated by this.

  • Once installed correctly, the uPVC piping system requires little to no upkeep. uPVC stays unaffected in light of the fact that it can endure high temperatures and serious climate. uPVC pipes needn’t bother with being fixed or kept up with in light of the fact that they don’t foster breaks or releases like metal lines do. Additionally, because uPVC pipes can be easily cut with a lightweight pipe cutter, no welding or lifting equipment will be required for any required repairs.

  • Metal pipes react with mineral acids, bases, salts, and aliphatic hydrocarbons, but uPVC pipes do not. uPVC is therefore an excellent material for transporting safe, clean water. uPVC pipes are made to withstand a lot of the very strong synthetics that eat metal lines and change the way water is made. uPVC pipes are also resistant to chlorine sanitizers, which are frequently used to keep water clean.

  • When you take into account the low costs of installation and upkeep, TMT Plus uPVC pipes are economical in the long run. uPVC is very cost-effective due to its long lifespan.

  • Yes, we at TMT Plus ensure sustainable environmental growth , thus uPVC pipes can be recycled with ease. uPVC pipes and other rigid uPVC products can be recycled eight to ten times without losing their technical properties because of the material’s unique properties. Numerous studies have confirmed this:

  • It’s impossible for uPVC pipe to leach plasticizers, BPA, lead or cadmium, since these aren’t even used in its manufacture nor are they part of its compound.

  • uPVC is resistant to ignition. The temperature required to ignite rigid uPVC is more than 150 degrees celsius higher than that required to ignite wood. The ignition of common flexible uPVC is lower, but with specialized formulations, it may be significantly increased.

  • uPVC does not readily degrade when exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet radiation) due to natural UV inhibitors present in the material. Short-term exposure to sunlight, such as during construction, is typically not a problem for uPVC pipe. uPVC piping may be used in outdoor applications when the piping system is painted with a light-colored water based acrylic or latex paint that is chemically compatible with uPVC. When painted, the effects of UV exposure are significantly reduced.


  • There are a few factors that will assist you with settling on the size of the tank. The tank’s intended use and the number of people using it are these factors;domestic or commercial. If you are going to use it for domestic purposes, a 500- 1000 liter tank will most probably be enough. If it’s for commercial purpose, then you will need a much bigger tank.

  • The answer is no. Because plastic water storage tanks are so light, installing them doesn’t require a lot of labor. Obviously, if you want to install it anywhere you want, you’ll need help from a professional. In most cases, the company you are buying from provides the installation services too.

  • Your water tank can be easily cared for. It is recommended that your home’s water storage tank be inspected every six months. You can be sure of the quality of the water and avoid contamination this way.

  • The material used to manufacture all the plastic water storage tanks is a HDPE High Density Polyethylene inspired by ROTO MOULD water technology . Our tanks have the most hygienic water as the material used for them is 100% virgin, food grade, UV stabilized for heat insulation.

  • In our product line, you can choose from more than three distinct colors. Pick a color that goes compliments with the color of your roof, gutters, and bricks or that blends in with the natural surroundings.

  • “On average each of us uses 147 liters of water per day. This equals around 53,000 liters per year!
    Average water use as a percentage breakdown;
    • 30% shower • 20% outdoors • 19% tap bath and other • 16% washing machine • 14% toilet • 1% dishwasher”

  • Contrasted with numerous different materials types, POLY- ETHENE water tanks are lighter in weight, lower in cost, simpler to introduce, more straightforward to ship and move, have further developed weatherability, further developed protection from consumption, won’t rust, and oppose harm from effects and drops

    Polyethylene tanks have an unbeatable cost-to-service life when used solely for holding water and maintained properly. They also have a significant service life when combined with a low purchase price.

  • Yes, a polyethylene water tank can be painted., Paint applied to the exterior of a water tank will not compromise the tank’s integrity or water quality. Preparation of the tank and the appropriate paint are required before painting a polyethylene water tank.

  • Yes, water tanks need to have vents to let out any air pressure that might build up inside when the tank is filled. Heating can also cause a tank to build up pressure. Our polyethylene water tanks have automatic venting lids that are designed to self-regulate excessive pressure buildup inside the storage container to address this issue.

  • “LLDPE STANDS FOR -LINEAR LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE” LLDPE resins provide a consistent set of processing and physical characteristics. high strength at tensile. high resistance to impact. high resilience to punctures. Excellent elongation, stretch, and flexibility. stable melt flow and minimal shearing. the capacity to produce stronger profiles on thinner films.

  • Discover the difference with TMT Plus environmentally friendly goods! Our products are thoughtfully designed to minimize their impact on the planet while delivering top-notch quality. Join us in making a positive change for a greener future. The products tmt produces are of the highest caliber and are also eco-friendly. These items have exceptional resistance, are uv stabilized, non-toxic, corrosion-proof, and chemical resistant.

  • TMT Plus, which comes in a variety of variations, colors, and diameters, doesn’t compromise on quality or appearance. We distinguish ourselves from our rivals thanks to a system of regular quality inspections and a personnel with a high level of expertise.

  • Yes, Enjoy the perk of FREE SHIPPING on all your orders as part of your exclusive membership benefits. Shop with ease and have your favorite products delivered to your doorstep without any additional cost. Start exploring the TMT collection today!

  • Yes, We’re thrilled to offer amazing discounts on bulk orders that’ll surely meet your needs and budget.. Get in touch with us today to take advantage of these unbeatable deals and elevate your projects with TMT Plus.

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