If you're wondering what they are, SWR pipes are very effective and affordable drainage systems that can be used in both residential and commercial structures. They are very often maintenance-free and simple to install. Wherever it is necessary to move soil or water, these pipes are used. These pipes work great in septic tanks and waste-management systems.

What are SWR pipes?

Because of their adaptability, the flexibility of installation, and low cost, soil, waste, and rainwater pipes (SWR pipe full form) are utilized for drainage and sewerage applications. Because they are strong and highly resistant to corrosion, these pipes are used for drainage and sewage applications because they may be used underground. In addition to minimizing soil erosion and soil contamination by keeping pesticides, fertilizers, and animal waste out of the soil, SWR pipes are also used to keep water out of the soil. SWR pipe's primary function is to gather, store, and deliver rainwater from your home's rooftop to a certain destination.

SWR fittings

One of the most commonly used components of a plumbing system and plumbing pipes in homes are these SWR pipes and fittings, which are used to connect the pipes and create a connection. The pipes can pass through one or more holes in these fittings. Typically, the diameter of these holes is greater than the pipe itself. Flexible PVC resins used in the construction of SWR pipe and fittings make them simple to install in a range of situations. These fittings are available in a variety of sizes to support various plumbing systems.


Wide Range Application: A network of pipes and fittings along with a variety of accessories make up a strong SWR system, allowing it to function well for a very long time in all ways.

No Leakage and Effective Waste Removal: The inner surfaces of pipes and fittings are mirror smooth and free of obstructions, ensuring better flow characteristics and keeping the system clear of clogging and drain choke-up. The system is completely leak-proof and made to uphold strict hygienic requirements.

Strong and Durable: SWR pipes are located outdoors and are in contact with the environment. SWR pipes must therefore be sturdy. SWR pipes are guaranteed to have this strength because uPVC is a durable material. They are resistant to leaks and scratches. Given that buildings typically last for at least 50 years, SWR pipes must be sturdy. After all, you don't want to frequently reinstall the SWR pipes in your home. A uPVC pipe has a 50-year lifespan with little to no maintenance.

Cost-Effective: SWR pipes are more affordable than other piping systems because they guarantee cheaper installation, maintenance, and capital expenses. The light weight pipes are simple to install, which lowers the cost of handling, installation, and transportation. The SWR pipes' durability guarantees their efficiency as well, making them more cost-effective than alternative materials.

UV Resistance: The SWR pipes also have an outdoor application, and in order for them to be advantageous throughout, they must be able to withstand the damaging effects of sunlight and other extreme weather. They are now secure enough for exterior installations.

Complete Resistance to Rust and Chemicals: SWR pipes are produced using a unique non-metallic uPVC material that keeps corrosion at bay completely. These pipes have exceptional resistance to a variety of chemicals since they are made with a unique composition.

The only way to guarantee this is to choose reputed pipe manufacturers with a track record of producing high-quality pipes. You can be confident that the SWR uPVC pipe you purchase from TMT plus, a reliable pipe supplier, is of the highest caliber, is long-lasting, and complies with all regulations. You can choose from a large selection of pipes in various sizes and grades if you work with a reputable pipe supplier. Any grade of SWR uPVC pipe will do, depending on your needs.

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