uPVC Pipes and Fittings Suppose you are buying a new home or an office space. Wouldn't you want to use the best materials in it to ensure that you don't need to look after them or replace them constantly?

PVC is durable, cost-effective, and sustainable, making it the go-to option for anyone who wants to install products made with it right away. But wouldn't you want to know if this material is as good as everyone says? With this guide, learn everything important there is to know before you shop:

What is PVC?

PVC or Polyvinyl Chlorideis is a synthetic plastic polymer known for its versatility and is used in a variety of applications. PVC can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, and it can also be combined with other materials to enhance its properties.

Which Type of PVC is the Most Used?


Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is a type of PVC that is extremely durable and does not contain plasticizers. This rigidity provides uPVC with strength and stability, making it an excellent material for residential, construction and building applications.


Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride is a form of PVC that has been chlorinated using a free-radical chlorination reaction, increasing its chlorine content. This modification improves CPVC's temperature and chemical resistance, making it appropriate for hot water and industrial liquid handling.

Features of Using PVC Materials


PVC can be used to manufacture a wide range of products, like pipes, water tanks, junction boxes, etc. As a result, they can be used for a variety of applications, including residential, industrial, construction, and more.

No Biofilm Formation:

The feature of no biofilm formation in uPVC pipe fittings prevents microbes and bacteria from sticking to them. They inhibit the growth of bacteria that could lead to infections. This, especially in products for water-based applications, ensures that the water supplied in your space is of the best quality.


PVC is known for its durability and products made from it can last for decades due to its features like resistance to environmental factors, corrosion resistance, high impact strength, etc.


This makes it easier to transport the products made of PVC and helps to cut down on the costs of labour and installation time.

Insulation Properties:

PVC is an effective heat and electricity insulator, making it ideal for electrical and thermal insulation applications.

Chemical Resistance:

They have exceptional resistance to a wide range of chemicals, making them suitable for industrial applications as it ensures that they remain functioning at their best even when exposed to severe chemicals.

Fire Resistance:

These materials inherently have flame-retardant properties, making them suitable for use in buildings and other applications that require fire resistance. This characteristic, particularly in conduit pipes, guarantees that the electrical wiring in your space is safe and emits minimal smoke.

Smooth Inner Surface:

PVC products are manufactured using high-quality, non-toxic elements resulting in a smooth inner surface. This smooth inner surface guarantees that liquid or wiring flows without friction through the object, lowering the chance of damage.

Benefits of Using PVC Materials


PVC is an extremely durable material due to its features, which make it very cost-effective in the long term. This is because of the minimal maintenance and replacement requirements it has compared to traditional materials, which can easily corrode or break.

Enhanced Safety

Be it electrical safety or water supply, safety is of utmost importance. PVC has certain features, like fire and chemical resistance. UV resistance, high impact strength, etc., which make it a reliable solution for ensuring the best safety of your space.

Environmental Sustainability

As all consumers and brands are taking a conscious step towards a sustainable future, products made using PVC material are the best available alternative to traditional materials. PVC is an eco-friendly material that can be recycled multiple times without losing its properties and due to its features, it also suits a range of applications.

Ease of Installation

Being light in weight, these PVC products are very easy to install without the help of an extensive labour force, making them the go-to material choice for your DIY projects. PVC products can be easily cut and joined, thus reducing the installation time and labour costs.

Versatility in Design

Since PVC is light in weight and very flexible, it can be easily moulded into a range of shapes. according to the client's specific requirements. This also allows for the creation of a range of creative, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Energy Efficiency

Because of its high insulating abilities, PVC helps maintain stable indoor temperatures, lowering energy usage for heating and cooling. This leads to reduced energy expenses and a smaller environmental footprint.

What Makes TMT Plus One of the Leading Brands for PVC Solutions?

TMT Plus is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC products in India. We have a range of products that include everything from the best pipes for house wiring to multi-layered water tanks, double-lock casing and capping and more.

Since the inception of our brand in 2002, we have been leading the way for brilliance and innovation in our industry. This has been possible due to the incredible trust that the customers have in our brand.

You ask why they trust our brand so much. Well, the simple answer is that we deliver on what we promise. TMT Plus has become a brand for customers that resonates with quality and we continue to build on its legacy by delivering innovative products of the highest standards.

We make these high-quality solutions in our state-of-the-art facility to deliver the best quality products at affordable prices. Our products go through several performance tests based on consumer feedback and 357+ checkpoints to deliver the most optimal performance under any condition.

Our main aim is to become the leading innovator and transform as many lives as possible while ensuring the growth of all stakeholders involved, including customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society as a whole.

Ultimate PVC Solutions by TMT Plus

uPVC Pipes and Fittings

We offer a range of uPVC pipes and fittings that are the ultimate leak-proof water supply solution. These have features like no biofilm formation, a smooth inner surface, non-toxic properties, etc., all of which not only ensure a smooth water flow but also that the water being supplied is fresh and contamination-free.

uPVC Pipes and Fittings We offer a range of uPVC pipes and fittings that are the ultimate leak-proof water supply solution. These have features like no biofilm formation, a smooth inner surface, non-toxic properties, etc., all of which not only ensure a smooth water flow but also that the water being supplied is fresh and contamination-free.

uPVC Agri Pipes These agri-pipes are suitable for use in the agricultural field. Made using the best and most resilient material, these pipes remain unaffected by exposure to soil, the sun, harmful rays, extreme heat, chemicals, etc. Their applications include portable water supply for irrigation, bore wells for extracting underground water, etc.

uPVC SWR Pipes These uPVC SWR pipes are the best option for optimal drainage systems. These pipes are a robust structure that can function effectively under both regular and tough conditions. Its features, like corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, no biofilm formation, etc., make it suitable for a range of applications.

uPVC Plumbing Pipes Looking for the best plumbing solutions? Our uPVC plumbing pipes are made using the best quality material and can handle the flow of high liquid pressure without resulting in leakages or damages. Since PVC is a flexible material, these pipes can be customised to be used in different applications, including washrooms, drainage pipes, wash basins, etc.

Conduit Pipes

TMT Plus conduit pipes ensure the best safety of your space. These pipes aren't only a perfect help in the wiring of your electrical system, but they also provide protection. What makes them the best is that they are made using the best material and have features like shock resistance, great flexibility, fire resistance, high impact strength, etc. that allow them to offer enhanced safety.

FR Conduit Flame-retardant conduit pipes are made using the best non-combustible material, which helps to prevent the spread of hazardous fires. Besides that, these pipes are thermally stable and resistant to corrosion, making them extremely efficient and affordable.

uPVC Conduit FRLS These pipes have Fire-Retardant and Low-Smoke properties, which act as an insulating barrier between the wiring and humans. These pipes, when exposed to fire, inhibit the spread of fire and emit low smoke, allowing people to safely evacuate.

cPVC Pipes and Fittings CPVC pipes and fittings are best suited for plumbing applications and are preferred over PVC pipes for certain applications as they have a higher resistance to temperature. They can withstand hot temperatures up to 93 °C and cold temperatures that are below freezing point. Their low thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, chemical resistance and smooth inner surface ensure their longevity and reliability.

uPVC Bends and Fittings

We offer a range of bends and fittings that are suitable for both electrical and water supply needs. They include uPVC TEE, Elbow 90, Union, End Cap, Reducer Bush and more. These bends and fittings go perfectly with our PVC products, help in the effective routing of our pipes and have features similar to our pipes, making them extremely durable, reliable and cost-effective.

Multi-Layered Water Tanks

TMT Plus water tanks are multi-layered and made using the best quality, food-grade and 100% virgin raw material, LLDPE. These water tanks are made using Roto Mould technology through an automated process. Though these tanks are different, they have certain features that are consistent across all the tanks, including consistent wall thickness, weatherproof, anti-bacterial, airtight lid, etc.

3 Layer Water Tank TMT Plus's 3-layer water tank middle layer is made up of a dual-layer carbon-black middle layer that helps protect the water from harmful UV rays and keeps the water quality fresh.

4 Layer Water Tank The 4-layer water tank has an insulation layer with an extra dose of insulation. This helps the water tank keep the water fresh and retain its temperature even beyond the point of 45 °C.

5 Layer Water Tank This tank can withstand extreme weather conditions while still retaining the water temperature which is possible because of the presence of a dual foam layer in these tanks, which helps to provide double insulation.

7 Layer Water Tank The layers of the TMT Plus 7-layer water tank include an anti-microbial layer, an anti-bacterial layer, a double insulation layer, etc., all of which help to retain the water temperature and keep it fresh even in the harshest conditions.

Flexible Pipes

Corrugated pipes, also known as flexible conduits, have excellent flexibility and an excellent installation process, making them best suited for places where it is difficult to install rigid conduits. They have great quality, durability and resistance, which protects them from environmental conditions. These corrugated pipes come in a range of colours, allowing for easier identification of the particular wiring.

Casing and Capping

These help to maintain the overall integrity of our electrical system by providing a safe passage for your electrical wiring. They are made with world-class standards and have features like heat resistance, chemical resistance and high insulation, which helps to prevent electrical conduction. One of its main features is double locking, which helps to provide stability and keeps your electrical system safe.

PVC Junction Box

A PVC junction box not only helps to protect your circuit cables but also helps in the efficient routing of electrical wiring. These junction boxes are shock-proof, non-toxic, easy to repair and have a long life. This allows for them to be used across the board, from your homes to broadband to electric meters, Wi-Fi data services and more.

With a PVC guide in your hand and all the information regarding PVC that you need to know, choose the leading polymer product brand in India for your needs. Buy the solution to your problem with TMT Plus PVC products!
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