Flame-retardant Conduit Pipes have robust structures that are used in industrial, commercial, and other common day-to-day operations and structures. It’s the PVC resin with additional properties in the material of the conduit that provides resistance to fire and magnetic attractions, which ensures a smooth flow of current without raising the threat to our safety.


  • Non Combustible: FR Conduit Pipes help in slowing the spreading of fires and help in providing safe passage of current through the electrical system.
  • Affordable and Efficient: The designs are socketed on one side which makes conduit wiring easier and more efficient. It eliminates the cost of buying couplers and this further reduces labour costs. Overall productivity is also enhanced.
  • Smooth Inner Surface: A smooth inner surface makes it easier for electricians and workers to quickly and effortlessly pull the wiring to designated spots.
  • Low Thermal Expansion: Thermally stable and immune to corrosion makes them better than GI Pipes for electrical conduit systems.
  • Strong and Durable: The rigidity of pipe makes it able to remain unaffected under concrete and that’s why they’re used widely in residential and commercial facades, even multi-story buildings.
  • UV Stabilised: FR conduit pipes are weatherproof as they’re UV Stabilised and not affected by sunlight and change in weather. This ensures that they continue working efficiently for a long time.

Where You Can Use This Product?


  • TMT Plus FR Conduit pipe is used to ring-fence electrical wiring in households and other buildings.
  • With rigid consistency, and able to handle heavy mechanical stress, FR conduit pipes are also used in industries where heavy machinery is used.
  • Even in outdoor and underground installations, as these pipes are waterproof and also not penetrated and damaged by rodents and other insects.

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