uPVC pipe and fitting manufacturer in India We live in a time where DIYs are gaining more and more attention due to the vast reach of social media. But these do-it-yourself projects are not just a past-time project but a hobby for many people that they integrate into their daily lives. Building on this project helps to make several things that serve as valuable tools for daily use. For these projects, PVC pipes serve as a versatile and valuable tool, as they can be useful for a multitude of everyday tasks and save you a lot of both money and time.

But what are the hacks that PVC pipes use to help you save time and money? Why just PVC pipes and not metal or steel? Which is the best uPVC pipe fittings brand in India? If you are wondering about the answers to these questions, then read the blog below, because that is exactly what we will cover with it.

PVC Pipes Hacks to Save You Time and Money for Everyday Tasks

Shoe Rack

By cutting PVC pipes into equal lengths and glueing them together, you can create a simple and effective shoe rack. This solution is especially useful for small spaces like closets or the entry of your house, where keeping shoes tidy is a challenge.

Tool Organiser

PVC pipes are perfect for creating a custom tool organizer. Simply cut the pipes to various lengths to fit different tools and attach them to a board or wall. This not only keeps your tools organised but also makes them easily accessible.

Garden Tool Holder

Attach a few PVC pipes to the wall of your shed to create a sturdy holder for garden tools. The pipes can be cut at an angle to accommodate the handles of rakes, shovels, etc., keeping them off the ground and reducing clutter.

Organising Your Cords

Be it television or your computers, they all have ample wires just lying around. Instead of having someone connect these cords to your wall by drilling nails, declutter your space by cutting a PVC pipe in your preferred size and having the cords go through that.

Outdoor Furniture

Build durable and weather-resistant outdoor furniture using PVC pipes. Chairs, tables, and even hammocks can be constructed from PVC, providing a budget-friendly alternative to traditional outdoor furniture. And since PVC is resistant to moisture, this makes it an ideal material for outdoor use.

Overhead Storage

Create overhead racks by connecting PVC pipes to ceiling joists. Slide long items like pipes, bags, boxes, etc. into these horizontal storage slots. This DIY solution maximises space, organises materials efficiently, and saves money on expensive shelving, keeping your garage tidy and functional.

Paint Roller Extension

Extend your reach without investing in an expensive extension pole by using a PVC pipe. Attach the pipe to the handle of your paint roller, and you’ll be able to paint high walls and ceilings with ease.

Dust Collection System

Create an efficient dust collection system for your workshop using PVC pipes. Connect the pipes to your power tools and a central vacuum system to keep your workspace clean and safe from harmful dust particles.

PVC Drip Irrigation System

Drill small holes along the length of the pipe, place it in your garden and connect the pipe to a water source.

Plant Supports

Use PVC pipes to create supports for climbing plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, etc. Assemble the pipes into a trellis or frame that provides the necessary support for healthy plant growth.

Outdoor Sprinkler

Create a custom outdoor sprinkler for your kids using PVC pipes. Drill holes along the length of the pipe and connect it to a garden hose. The kids will have a blast running through the water on a hot day, and it’s a great way to cool down in the summer.

Temporary Plumbing Repairs

Use PVC pipes and fittings to make temporary plumbing repairs. If you have a leaky pipe or a broken water line, you can use PVC to patch the problem until a permanent solution is implemented.

Why PVC is the Ideal Material Choice?

PVC pipes are an excellent material for DIY projects and home improvement tasks for several reasons. Here’s why PVC is such a popular choice:

Non-Toxic Material

PVC is a non-toxic material that is safe for use in a wide range of applications, including plumbing, drainage, electrical needs, etc. It does not leach harmful chemicals and has no biofilm formation, which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

High Durability

The incredible features of PVC make it extremely durable. Its durability and resistance to impact make it ideal for projects that require strength and longevity. It can withstand a range of challenging environmental conditions, including UV exposure, extreme temperatures, etc., without deteriorating.


The resistance features and durability of PVC materials make them one of the most cost-effective materials available for DIY projects. It is a far better choice for budget-conscious DIY enthusiasts who want to save time and money on everyday tasks.

Corrosion Resistant

When you have built something with your hands, you want to ensure that it stays that way for the longest time without any maintenance. Since this material does not rust or corrode with time, even when exposed to external factors, it is the perfect choice for your home improvement.


PVC pipes are lightweight, making them easy to cut, shape, and install. This ease of use reduces the effort required for projects and allows for greater flexibility in design and implementation.

Versatile in Nature

PVC’s versatility is unmatched, as it can be used for a wide variety of applications, from plumbing to crafting to structural support. Its range of sizes and fittings makes it easy to customize for specific needs.

Best Brand for Buying PVC Pipes

Ensuring the sturdiness and durability of something that you have built with time and passion is very important. To do so, it is important to choose the right material for all your projects. With metal, steel, iron, and more materials available on the market, PVC is still the most ideal over these traditional materials due to its durability and range of features. But where do you buy the best PVC pipes?

The answer is TMT Plus. As the top uPVC pipe and fitting manufacturer in India, we offer pipes and fittings that are made using only the best quality material. Do you know how we are able to ensure consistently high quality across all our products? We at TMT Plus have our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility where we follow stringent quality measures to manufacture all our products.

Our company started in 2002 and we have since been at the forefront of all the advancements in our industry. The vision of our company is to provide our customers with high-quality products at decent pricing while ensuring the growth of all the stakeholders involved.

These pipes and fittings go through 357+ checkpoints and several performance tests, which are based on consumer feedback, to ensure that they maintain their structural integrity while delivering the most optimal performance.

If you still have a few doubts rambling in your head regarding PVC or DIY, check out the most Frequently Asked Questions by consumers and DIY enthusiasts:

Why is PVC a better choice than metal?

Metal is more likely to rust and will eventually degrade over time, thus needing a replacement. However, PVC has features like UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. that make it extremely durable and have a lifespan of decades.

What DIY projects can I make with PVC pipes that I can also use for daily tasks?

You can use PVC pipes to make support for climbing plants, a paint roller extension, a long-range vacuum, overhead storage, and much more.

How do I DIY a shoe rack with PVC pipes?

Cut the PVC pipes to the dimensions you want your shoe rack to have and then connect these pipes using PVC fittings to get your desired shoe rack.

Can I paint on PVC pipes?

Yes, you can spray paint over the PVC pipes to the desired colour that suits the aesthetics of your space.

PVC pipes are a cost-effective solution for a wide range of everyday tasks and hacks with PVC pipes will greatly enhance your ability to tackle everyday challenges with creativity and efficiency. So, buy these pipes from TMT Plus, the leading uPVC pipe supplier in India today and boost your home improvement efforts.
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