In our uPVC Pipes and Fittings, TEE is the versatile design product. It has one inlet and two outlets. Available in the range of 63mm to 200mm, this fitting is used to provide a strong, long-lasting solution in designs where the flow of liquids needs to be changed. Easy to install and maintain, the TEE design has excellent bonding and adhesion properties.

TEE is used when the transport of liquid is two-way. In plumbing needs, they allow for connections at 90 degrees, which helps in clear splitting. According to the connection method, TEE is either Snap-On or Threaded connection.

Snap TEE designs are used in existing structures where low pressures of liquid, such as in irrigation or water sprinkler systems, are required. In a Threaded connection, because the pipes are tapered, the thread is smaller on the end and gets bigger as it goes through the length of the surface. Thread ceilings are used for liquid-type connections, on which fittings are wrenched.

Applications of TEE:

  • For irrigation purposes in agricultural fields.
  • In the energy sector for oil, gas, and nuclear industry construction.
  • Plumbing.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Waste management.
  • Fire sprinklers in industries and apartments.

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