upvc swr pipes and fittings Home maintenance is more important than people will ever credit it for, as even a small issue can lead to big havoc in no time. Issues like water leakage are quite persistent and, if addressed after some time, can prove to be dangerous and expensive. The issue can be anything from a slow drip to a sudden burst of a pipe and can compromise your entire drainage system.

One solution to deal with this and reduce the risk of leakage is to make a shift to TMT Plus SWR pipes, which have gained a considerable reputation for their reliability and durability, making them among the best available resources on the market. Let's learn more about how choosing the right materials and adopting certain preventive measures can solve your issues and help you maintain a good drainage system in your home.

Preventive Measures to Consider to Stop Leakage at Home

Routine Maintenance

Regular inspections can help you easily identify any potential issues before they become major leaks. Always be on the lookout for any signs of corrosion, damage, etc. and address such issues on priority.

Avoid Harsh Chemical

Dispose of any harsh chemicals or solvents properly and avoid drowning them in the drain. This is because most pipe materials, especially those meant for homes, are not manufactured to deal with these harsh chemicals. This will eventually corrode your pipes and weaken their integrity, thus increasing the risk of potential leaks.

Proper Drainage Design

Take considerable steps and time to design your drainage system in the right way and consult a professional, if you have to, to optimise your layout. Designing this with proper slopes and sizing ensures that there will be an efficient flow without the risk of water stagnating.

Ensuring Proper Insulation

Exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures can damage your pipes and increase the risk of leaks. If you are not using uPVC SWR pipes, then you should get additional layers of insulating material to protect your pipe from damage.

Hire a Professional

Even if you are using materials like PVC, which are lightweight and super easy to install on your own, it is recommended that you hire or, at the very least, consult a professional to do the same. This is because they can easily ensure that the pipes are correctly sized, aligned and secured, all of which will minimise the risk of leaks or errors by a margin.

Sealant Application

Following the manufacturer's recommendation for the sealant that is compatible with the particular pipes. This is because, unlike regular sealants, the high-quality ones, like the ones used by TMT Plus plumbers, help with better pipe joints and connections and offer the best protection against leaks.

A Reliable Partner: TMT Plus

The name of a brand is enough to signify its reliability and TMT Plus is no different. Having been at the top of our game since 2002, we have been at the forefront of delivering our consumers with the best polymer products.

This includes everything from multi-layered water tanks to uPVC SWR pipes and fittings and more, all of which are made using the highest quality material.

All these products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility to ensure that the quality promised is matched and delivered. This commitment to quality and constant advancements has helped us establish ourselves as a consumer favourite brand.

The Standout Features of TMT Plus SWR Pipes

Corrosion Resistance:

A problem that you are bound to face with metals like pipes is corrosion. Since they are used for drainage purposes, contamination is not a major issue, but getting affected by corrosion will eventually reduce the pipes’ lifespan. PVC SWR pipes are corrosion-resistant, which helps to protect the quality of your pipes and elongate their lifespan.

Smooth Inner Surface:

There are high chances of blockage in your drainage, which is usually caused by hairs, soap scum, food waste, dirt, etc. PVC SWR pipes by TMT Plus have a smooth inner surface, which allows for a high flow of liquid to pass through without any trouble.

Leak-free Joints:

The joints used in traditional pipes do have a negative trait that requires constant maintenance over time. However, these PVC SWR joints are easy to fit and the ultimate leak-proof solution. This is because they are tightly sealed and share the same features as the pipes, ensuring their durability and resistance to harmful materials and corrosion.

Zero Maintenance:

Unlike other materials on the market that are prone to rust, corrosion and damage, PVC SWR pipes require minimal to zero maintenance. Once installed, they can last for decades, as they have incredible features like corrosion resistance, high impact strength and more that protect their integrity and your money in the long run.

Zero Buildup:

These pipes have features like a smooth inner surface, chemical resistance and no biofilm formation, which helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent any sort of buildup. This lack of buildup in the pipes helps ensure efficient water flow through them.

⁠No Synthetic Plasticisers Used:

One factor that makes PVC SWR pipes, especially those by TMT Plus, stand out is that they are made using the highest quality material and that too without the use of synthetic plasticizers. This makes these pipes not only eco-friendly but also a great step towards a sustainable future without compromising on quality, performance or durability.

No Biofilm Formation:

As already discussed, these pipes have a smooth inner surface. Biofilm formation occurs when microorganisms like algae, bacteria, etc. stick to the passing surface. This constant buildup can not only create friction but also lead to blockage. The feature of a smooth inner surface lends itself to their developing no biofilm formation.


Many people might find PVC pipes to be more expensive as compared to other materials. However, it is the opposite, as PVC pipes are more cost-effective in the long term. This is because they are lightweight, which reduces the cost of transport and installation, and extremely durable, which reduces the need for constant repairs or replacements.

What we just learned is barely scratching the surface of what there is to know. Want to learn more about SWR pipes? Get all your answers, understand how TMT Plus, being India’s leading SWR pipes and fittings manufacturer, offers the best pipes and install them today!
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