uPVC pipes manufacturers in India

Water is used for almost everything, from doing dishes to cooking and more. It is important to ensure a proper system for water flow and drainage to keep the house clean. SWR pipes are soil, water, and rain pipes and are generally used for soil and waste discharge systems. The pipes used for SWR are different from those used for boring underground water because they are used for non-plumbing applications.

TMT Plus is one of the best uPVC pipes manufacturers in India and offers the best solution for leak-proof and uninterrupted water supply solutions for farmhouses, commercial properties, and residential properties. It is made after thorough research on customers’ problems and tests conducted on impact, burst pressure, flattening, and dimensions in strict accordance with BIS specifications. These pipes serve various applications, like sewage, industrial, bore-well, rainwater harvesting, drainage, water supply, and potable water supply.

These pipes also come with their own set of advantages over other market pipes, which include a 50% reduced requirement of solvent cement for a pipeline, a reduced inventory cost by eliminating the use of loose couplers, easy reparability, resistance to soil movement, a safe and hygienic water supply and more.

Along with the pipes, TMT Plus also offers fittings for different purposes, which include uPVC AgriFittings, uPVC SWR Fittings, TEE, and more. All these are similar to the uPVC pipes in their build, material quality, and benefits, which include being leak-proof, resistant to high pressure, damage-resistant, and more.

TMT Plus pipes have distinct features that set them apart from others. These benefits include its non-toxicity in nature, lightweight yet strong, corrosion resistance, durability, U.V. stabilization, smooth inner surface, and resistance to bacteria. If you’re looking for the best SWR pipe fitting manufacturer in India, TMT Plus is the right place for you.

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