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Plastic water tanks come with advantages when it comes to storing this precious resource. They are easy to transport, carry, and install in homes and buildings, even multi-story ones. TMT Plus is one of the best water storage tank manufacturers as it caters to a wide segment of consumers with availability in various dimensions. The extra-layered protection provides safety from many potentially damaging issues.

In this blog, we will be listing key points while cleaning plastic water tanks. It will ensure that your cleaning is thorough and that you remove all the impurities hygienically.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Cleaning Plastic Water Tanks

1. Remove all the water: Before you start the cleaning, drain out all the water from the tank. You can do this by connecting the outlet with a hose pipe. Make sure that the drained water is collected in a container or if you've got plants or a garden, you let the water be used optimally rather than wasting it. If you collect the water in a tub or container, you can put it back once the cleaning is done.

2. Scrubbing the interiors: The interior walls of the tank may have dust, grime, and algae. Remove all with a high-pressure stream of water. If entering the tank is not possible, an abrasive substance such as baking soda could be used to break down the impurities. Finally, after the walls and surface are freed from contaminants, you can rinse them out of the tank with lukewarm water.

3. Bleaching helps in disinfecting the tank: To disinfect the tank, a bleaching solution is required. But first, it’s important to use proper protection equipment. Our advice is to use gloves and eye-protecting goggles while using the bleaching solution. For around 4 litres of water, a tablespoon of bleach is the right amount. The bleaching solution is rubbed on the interior walls of the tank. For surfaces where one cannot reach them manually, a mop can be used. But it is best to cover the entire area with bleach for complete cleaning.

4. Take a break; you’ve earned it: After applying the bleach to the tank, you should let it do its work. At least two hours are required for the bleach to effectively clean the tank of contaminants and make it usable for potable water.

5. Repeat rinsing: After the break, rinse the tank again. But this time you need to be extra careful, as any visible sign of bubbles means there is still a bit of bleach concentration present in the tank. You may have to rinse a few times before the water becomes free of its soapy presence. It is especially crucial in the case of drinking water. Testing is also advised to make sure that there are no remnants of bleach in the tank.

Features of TMT Plus Water Tanks

1. Use of virgin polymer: TMT Plus uses 100% virgin raw material (LLDPE) resin that provides durability and strength to the product. It also ensures that the product becomes weatherproof and has a long life.

2. UV stability: Our tanks do not allow UV light to penetrate the surface. Stabilisers used by TMT Plus ensure the product maintains high standards and is fit for storing potable water.

3. Certifications: Adhering to all the quality standards and backed by relevant certifications, we’re committed to providing a safe, hygienic product as one of the leading water tank manufacturers.

4. What you see is what you get: We are committed to transparency and providing the best solutions for water storage tanks. From quality to capacity, everything is disclosed to the dealers and customers upfront, and that is what we deliver.

5. Corrosion-resistant: An advantage over metal water storage tanks is that plastic tanks have corrosion-free properties. It makes their usage desirable and also long-term, commensurate with economic benefits.

6. Weatherproof: The tanks are designed in such a way that they can handle extreme temperatures in the range of extreme cold to extreme heat. This makes them popular not just in India but across various geographies and countries.

7. Leakage proof: As highlighted before, the material used in our tanks makes them durable and has ample strength to withstand stress and impact. With the tank's body unaffected for years, the chances of leakage are negligible.

Bottom Line:

Moreover, TMT Plus water tanks have some excellent qualities. They're made from strong and long-lasting virgin polymer. They also block harmful UV rays to keep the water safe. TMT Plus sticks to high quality standards and has certifications to prove it. We're honest about our product details. These tanks don't rust, can handle extreme weather, and won't leak. For secure and dependable water storage, TMT Plus is your reliable choice.

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