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Water Tanks

We Manufacture These Products

TMT Plus uses 100% virgin raw material (LLDPE) & fully automatic machines to manufacture Water Storage Tanks. Our water tanks have the most hygienic water as the material used for them is 100% Virgin, Food-Grade, UV Stabilised for Heat Insulation and most importantly they all have an air-tight lid.

7 Layer
Water TankLong Life | Odorless Water | Anti Bacterial layers keep Water Fresh
Better Quality of water | Durable & Economical
UV Stabilized | Consistent Wall Thickness | Heavy Duty

3 Layer
Water TankLight in Weight |
Weather Proof |
Keeps the Water Fresh

4 Layer
Water TankRugged & Light Weight Designs | Weather Proof |
Keeps the Water Fresh

5 Layer
Water Tank Leak Proof |
Rugged Designs |
Weather Proof |

Available Colours: Black, White, Yellow, Golden, Green | Other colours also available as per requirement

TMT Plus manufactures different types of Water Tanks.
  • 3 Layer: Made of three layers of polymer for best impact strength, and in addition to the dual layer a carbon black middle layer prevents entry of harmful UV rays with best effectiveness, resulting in longer life of your TMT Plus storage tank.
  • 4 Layer: In the category of TMT Plus’ 4 layer water tank, a higher dose of Poly Urethane Foam is added to create an extra insulation which is also backed up by a carbon black UV protecting layer. This configuration helps to retain the water temperature when the environmental temperature crosses the 45O Centigrade mark.
  • 5 Layer: The 5 layered TMT Plus’ water tank has got a higher capacity to keep water cooler at the most extreme climatic conditions for eg. at 48O Celsius because of its special Dual Foam Tank, which ensures Double Insulation. The top High Definition cover layer makes this tank 100% UV radiation proof. Because of its 5 layers, this water tank is more sturdy and durable.
  • 7 Layer: TMT Plus’ 7 Layer water tank is a leading name in multi layered water tanks. This water tank provides UV protection from the harmful rays of the Sun. The 7 layers make it anti-microbial, anti-oxidant & carbon protected.
Technical Specification
Capacity (Ltrs.) Dia (Inches) Height (Inches)
200 27 24
300 29 32
500 35 38
750 39 44
1000 44 46
1500 48 54
2000 54 59
3000 66 75
5000 74 79

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