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Changes in water pressure in the distribution of water to agricultural fields can develop gradually, leading to prolonged and frustrating issues. Low water pressure is a prevalent issue across farming fields in the country, making the task of proper irrigation a time-consuming work, requiring undue attention over prolonged time. Fortunately, this common problem can be addressed without significant costs or time investment with the leading uPVC pipe manufacturers.

Before attempting any corrective measures, it’s crucial to confirm that the agricultural field is indeed experiencing low water pressure. To rule out situational and temporary factors, it’s advisable to discuss the matter with others in the neighborhood and assess if it is a widespread problem.

Some of the challenges and the solution are listed below:

The buildup of debris, sediment, or mineral deposits in pipes or filters can impede water flow. Solution: Routinely examine and clean pipes, filters, and other components in the irrigation system. Consider incorporating larger filters or a comprehensive filtration system to prevent blockages.

The existing pump may lack the capacity to fulfill the water requirements of the entire field. Solution: Upgrade to a pump with higher capacity capable of managing the necessary water volume for efficient irrigation.

Cracks or leaks in irrigation pipes lead to water loss and diminished pressure. Solution: It is necessary to thoroughly inspect the entire irrigation system for leaks and promptly repair or replace damaged pipes.

Significant variations in field elevation can impact water pressure. Solution: Install pressure regulators strategically throughout the irrigation system to uphold consistent pressure, especially in areas with diverse elevations.

Inadequate water supply from the source results in low pressure. Solution: Ensure the water source (well, pond, reservoir) has ample capacity to meet irrigation needs. Consider enlarging the water source if required.

Pipes that are inadequately sized or designed contribute to pressure loss. Solution: Collaborate with irrigation experts to make sure pipes are appropriately sized and designed according to the specific field layout and water requirements.

Absence of pressure regulators can lead to uneven pressure distribution. Solution: Strategically install pressure regulators within the irrigation system to maintain consistent pressure across the entire field.

Regular upkeep, periodic assessments, and consultation with irrigation professionals are crucial for identifying and resolving low water pressure challenges in farming fields, ensuring the efficient delivery of water for optimal crop growth.

Opting for our uPVC Pipe fittings is an effective strategy to enhance water flow and optimize water pressure. The uPVC pipes are thermoplastic, resistant to corrosion, and exhibit high durability. Moreover, they are 100% recyclable, minimizing their environmental impact.

Features of our Agri uPVC Pipes and Fittings are:

Ease of Installation: When compared with metal pipes, uPVC pipes weigh far less. This characteristic facilitates quick and easy installation, reducing labor time. Furthermore, they entail minimal maintenance since they are not susceptible to damage from aggressive soil and air.

Optimum Flow of Rate: Pipes made from uPVC feature a smooth inner surface that minimizes friction, facilitating the smooth flow of water right from the start. Additionally, they require smaller pumps and less energy to efficiently transport large volumes of water.

Long Life: It is a superb outdoor product capable of enduring the most severe weather conditions. Its attributes contribute to cost and energy savings while enhancing overall efficiency.

Preferred across industries: These pipes exhibit resistance to scaling, bacterial accumulation, and fluctuations in the pH level of water. This quality makes them well-suited for applications in hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, and various other sectors.

Non-Toxic: This product is non-reactive and stable, recognised for its easy recyclability as it is both lead-free and classified as environmentally friendly. It is a secure option for conveying drinking water, soil, and waste.

Resistant to Leakages: Available in diverse lengths and sizes, these pipes eliminate the need for numerous joints, preventing unnecessary leaks. Moreover, fittings require no metalwork; they are directly cemented, reducing the risk of rust exposure.

Additional points to consider for maintaining high water pressure

Pipe Diameter: Opt for a substantial pipe diameter as it directly influences water flow, ensuring robust yet effortless water circulation without the need to increase the pumping rate.

Use TMT Plus Joints: The 45-degree elbow bends to enhance water flow by minimizing friction compared to the higher friction associated with 90-degree elbow bends.

Booster Pump: Consider the installation of a pressure booster pump if other methods fail to address water system issues. These pumps are compact yet highly efficient, providing a significant boost to the incoming water flow.

Horizontal Position: Ensure that the delivery line is positioned horizontally and parallel to the ground to prevent the formation of air traps, which can negatively impact water delivery and impede pressure.

Why TMT Plus uPVC Agri Pipes and Fittings are the best fit

Experiencing a loss of water pressure can be frustrating, impacting the productivity of crops. Even seemingly minor issues can lead to significant disruptions. It is advisable to accurately identify the problem with the assistance of experts and address the issue of low water pressure.

TMT Plus, a prominent presence in India for three decades, is renowned for its dependable product range incorporating superior and state-of-the-art technology. As the leading uPVC pipe manufacturers in the country, our products are designed to withstand diverse environmental conditions while adhering to quality standards. With a versatile portfolio of piping systems, we are perfectly suited for water supply in agricultural fields.

Whether dealing with a problematic water flow system or issues with water storage, TMT Plus pipes, fittings, tanks, and more offer effective solutions for addressing various concerns.

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