water tank manufacturers - TMT Plus Water is an essential commodity that we use on an everyday basis. However, the way we store the water determines its quality. A water tank comes in handy to store water for future use, but there are several myths and misconceptions surrounding water storage tanks.

Here, we will bust some common myths about water storage tanks:

Myth: Water Tanks Don't Need Maintenance

Reality: Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring the best water quality. Water tanks should be cleaned, inspected, and maintained to prevent contamination and ensure the longevity of the tank.

Myth: Plastic Tanks Always Leach Harmful Chemicals

Fact: High-quality and food-grade plastic water tanks are designed to be safe for storing drinking water. Cheaper, non-food-grade plastics may pose risks, so it's essential to choose tanks specifically designed for potable water.

Myth: Plastic Water Tanks are Not Durable

Fact: High-quality plastic water tanks are designed to be durable and resilient, as they are manufactured using the highest-quality PVC material. This, along with the many features of water tanks like corrosion resistance, UV stabilization, etc. makes them durable for the long term.

Myth: Plastic Water Tanks Cannot Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Fact: Most high-quality plastic water tanks today are designed to handle a wide range of temperatures. These tanks are UV-resistant and the extra layer of insulation that is added to them makes them capable of withstanding both high and low temperatures without becoming brittle or degrading.

Myth: Metal Water Tanks Are Always Better Than Plastic Water Tanks

Fact: Though both plastic and metal water tanks have their advantages and disadvantages, the plastic ones are better than metal any day. This is because these tanks are susceptible to corrosion, and heavy and can affect the water quality through the leaching of metals.

What are the Qualities of Best Water Storage Tanks?
Suitable for Various Industries
The water tanks should be appropriate for residential, industrial, and other applications. This is because when they use high-quality material, they also possess features like UV stabilization, durability, ease of installation, low maintenance, long life, the ability to keep potable water clean, etc.

Long life
Water tanks should be easy to transport, absorb impacts without cracking or breaking easily, and remain unaffected by fluctuations in temperature. These and proper maintenance will allow the water tanks to continue serving and keeping your water clean for generations.

Air-Tight Lid
When you buy water tanks from the top water tank manufacturers in India, their water tanks have air-tight lids that serve as a barrier, keeping dust, debris, leaves, and other outside contaminants from entering the water tank. Also, the lid contributes to a more consistent water temperature, which can inhibit the growth of certain germs that grow at changing temperatures.

Along with a smooth interior surface, the water tanks should have extra layers in them to ensure that even bacteria can’t penetrate and affect the water’s cleanliness. Water storage tanks with the capability to incorporate additives ensure that the growth of algae and other microorganisms is impossible.

Ultra-Violet Sun Protection
UV light is detrimental and the carbon layer coating on water tanks prevents the rays from penetrating the surface. The water storage tanks use stabilizers to ensure that the product meets high standards and is suitable for storing potable water.

Durable and Economical
Despite being lightweight yet strong, the water tanks should be able to handle the weight of water without a change in composition or the threat of deformation. Its many features enable it to be extremely durable and have a long life, which makes it cost-effective.

Varieties of Water Tanks by TMT Plus
Being among the leading water storage tank manufacturers in the country, TMT Plus offers a range of multi-layered water tanks, which include:

3 Layer
It is made up of triple layers of polymer for maximum impact strength, with a carbon black middle layer added to the dual-layer design for extra UV protection. This contributes to the longevity of your TMT Plus storage tank.

4 Layer
TMT Plus 4 layer water tanks have an added dose of extra insulation. What sets them apart is that they have a carbon-black UV-protecting layer, which helps to retain the water temperature even if the outside temperature crosses 45 °C.

5 Layer
What sets apart the 5 layer tank is its ability to keep the water cool even in the most harsh weather conditions. This is because it has a particular dual foam layer that provides double insulation.

7 Layer
The 7 layer water tank by TMT Plus is unique, as its 7 layers combine to make it anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial. This helps to keep the water protected from the harmful rays of the sun while keeping the water odor-free and clean.

Why TMT Plus Water Tanks:
These multi-layered, i.e., 3, 4, 5 and 7 layered water tanks are manufactured using the best raw material that is 100% virgin, food-grade quality, and stabilized for heat insulation. This helps to ensure the durability and long life of these water tanks.

Made from the best material, these tanks are made through an automated process with Roto Mould technology. This technology allows for the production of various multi-layered water storage tanks that cater to each unique requirement.

Buy the best water storage tanks according to what best suits your requirements.
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