TMT Plus 3 layer weatherproof water tanks are made up of three layers of polymer for the best impact strength. In addition to the dual-layer, there is a carbon-black middle layer that prevents the entry of harmful UV rays, which also results in a longer life of the tank.

Features: 3 layer water tank as a Deluxe Model


  • Light in weight compared to concrete tanks: PVC is a plastic material and has a low density. This translates into relatively low mass for a given volume. As a result, PVC tanks are inherently lighter than tanks made from materials like concrete or metal. The walls of PVC tanks are also thinner compared to concrete and metal tanks. But this doesn’t affect PVC water tanks’ abilities to keep water fresh and hygienic for long.
  • Weatherproof: PVC water tanks can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, without considerable wear and tear. This quality makes them suitable for use in various climates and across the world. In India, they’re the best to use for water storage needs.
  • Keeps water fresh: PVC water tank surfaces are smooth, which makes it difficult for microorganisms and mold to stick and thrive. This resistance helps in maintaining water fresh and safe for daily needs over time.

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