PVC conduit pipe manufacturers If you are a homeowner or business owner, you need to find the right brands to partner with for your electrical solutions. The current business landscape is quite competitive and dynamic. Among all of these brands, you should choose one that delivers efficiency and reliability while prioritising the safety of your electrical systems.

Selecting the correct partner is very crucial and this is precisely where TMT Plus comes into play. The company has emerged as a beacon of excellence and reliability in electrical solutions. Want to know more about why TMT Plus should be your trusted partner? Let's analyse:

A Legacy of Excellence

Since our inception in 2002, we have led the way for innovations and developments in our industry. Our R&D team and staff are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering the best quality products. This dedication has paved the way for us to establish ourselves as one of the leading brands in our industry across the country. We have made a name for ourselves by beating several legacy brands and becoming one of the top PVC conduit pipe manufacturers in India.

Do You Know What Else Sets TMT Plus Apart?

Innovation and Sustainability

Since we are leading the way for our industry in this technologically evolving landscape, we aim to always stay a few steps ahead of the curve. The most recent paradigm shift is towards sustainability, and we have made a concerted effort to deliver our products with the same intent in mind. By investing in cutting-edge technologies, we continually strive to provide efficient and sustainable products while maximising value for our customers.

Expertise and Experience

With an in-house team of seasoned professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of electrical systems, regulations, and best practices, we bring decades of expertise and experience to the table. This team ensures that every project is executed with precision and excellence.

Safety and Compliance

Safety around electrical appliances is critical. TMT Plus upholds safety in the highest regard and adheres to the highest levels of safety and compliance. Our team understands the local regulations and follows industry best practices to exceed safety standards with every installation.

Comprehensive Solutions

We offer end-to-end, comprehensive solutions that are crafted to your specifications to meet your electrical needs. Be it installation, maintenance or anything else, our team takes a holistic approach to ensure the optimal performance of your electrical system.

Customisation: We need to have a customer-centric approach, as we understand that every project is unique in itself. Our team closely works together to provide tailored solutions that align with your project specifications while keeping in mind your specific design preferences, timeline, budget constraints, etc.

Exceptional Customer Service

Consumers have played a key role in establishing TMT Plus as the brand that it has become today. TMT Plus strives to develop long-term relationships with each of our customers by not only providing high-quality products but also great customer service. We achieve this by fostering trust and satisfaction through prompt, courteous, and professional service at all touchpoints.

Our Range of High-Quality Products

uPVC Conduit FRLS

FRLS conduit pipes have Fire Retardant and Low Smoke properties that make them among the best pipes for safety in fire hazards. These pipes have optimum heat insulation and inhibit the spread of flames by acting as a barrier between humans and the current running through the wires.

FR Conduit Pipes

FR or Flame-Retardant conduit pipes, are robust structures that ensure a smooth flow of electric current without raising a threat to our safety. These pipes are non-combustible, have a low thermal expansion and, due to their rigid consistency, can handle heavy mechanical stress.

Bends and Fittings

Every house or building has a corner where the electrical wires must be turned. TMT Plus provides smooth bends and fittings at 45° and 90° angles. They are fire-resistant, flexible, versatile, lightweight and have insulation that provides safety from shocks.

PVC Junction Box

Junction boxes work to route electrical wiring in different directions while safeguarding the connection. Our PVC junction boxes are shock-proof, non-toxic, durable, waterproof and not affected by exposure to sunlight. These can be used in everything from telecommunications to electrical supply, Wi-Fi data service and more.

Concealed Boxes

Concealed boxes are electrical enclosures that protect the wiring and components from damage caused by moisture, dust and other contaminants. These boxes are made using the highest quality material, are durable, cost-effective and help to enhance the overall aesthetics of the finished product.

Fan Boxes

The fan box is an electrical appliance that securely mounts a ceiling fan and we offer fan boxes that are known for their efficiency and performance. These boxes can withstand adverse weather conditions and are designed in a way to provides the most optimal airflow and ventilation.

Modular Boxes

A testament to modern engineering, our modular boxes are meticulously designed to offer unparalleled durability. These weatherproof and sturdy modular boxes can withstand the harshest climate and can be customised according to the specifications of the client.

Junction Box

We provide high-quality metal junction boxes that are not only effective at protecting your electrical cables but also provide an easy way to join them. They are manufactured with the highest quality materials and ensure the best safety and reliability of your electrical installation.All these products are manufactured in a high-end facility, keeping the highest standard of safety in mind.


When it comes to electrical solutions, there are not enough reasons why TMT Plus stands out as a trusted partner. With its expertise, comprehensive solutions, commitment to quality and safety, and customer-centric approach, TMT Plus is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of its clients across various sectors and always delivers with excellence and reliability.

By choosing TMT Plus as your partner, you're not just investing in electrical solutions but in a partnership that power up your ventures for success.

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