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Whether it is your house, any commercial property or an industrial setup where you are looking to install the electrical conduits, they have to be of the best material. This is because when you buy it from the best brands in the country, like TMT Plus, it helps ensure that it will be extremely durable and will deliver the best performance.

Through this blog, we will learn which kind of pipe is right for you, what kind of pipe most people prefer and why.

Which Pipe is Right for You uPVC or Metal Conduit?

How you choose the pipe for your need is a decision that will be based on factors like application, strength, etc. When a debate like this is taking place, it is important to consider several factors. These include:


uPVC conduit pipes are generally more cost-effective than metal conduit pipes. If you're working within a tight budget, uPVC might be the better option.


PVC pipes excel in corrosion resistance, lightweight construction, fireproofing and ease of installation. These factors make PVC pipes more durable than metal pipes, which are more prone to corrosion, thus degrading over time.


PVC is a thermoplastic material that can be easily softened and moulded when heated, allowing greater flexibility. This flexibility allows for easier manoeuvrability around obstacles and tight spaces during installation, unlike more rigid metal pipes.

Corrosion Resistance

uPVC conduit pipes are highly resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for environments where moisture or chemical exposure is a concern. Metal conduit pipes, while often coated for corrosion resistance, may still be susceptible to rust over time.

Environmental Impact

These pipes are generally considered to have a lower environmental impact compared to metal pipes, as they are recyclable and require less energy to manufacture. They can last for nearly 100 years while the metal pipes tend to rust and corrode over some time.


These PVC electrical conduit pipes are lightweight and easy to install compared to metal conduit pipes, which can be heavier and require more specialized tools for cutting and bending. If you're looking for a simpler installation process, uPVC is the way to go.

These factors are more than enough reasons as to why PVC pipes are preferred by people over metal ones.

Features of uPVC Conduit Pipes

Besides the several features like corrosion and fire resistance that many leading pipe brands in India, including TMT Plus, have, here are a few USPs that make uPVC electrical conduit pipes by TMT Plus stand out:

LLDPE Material

The best uPVC conduit pipes are made using the best quality and 100% virgin raw material, i.e., LLDPE. These Linear Low-Density Polyethylene conduit pipes have a smooth inner surface, reducing friction and allowing for easier cables and wires pulling during installation. Other than that, these pipes also have great flexibility, fire resistance and corrosion resistance properties.


uPVC electrical conduit pipes that are available in black, grey and white colours. If you cannot find a pipe as per your requirement, you can customise the pipes to suit the needs of your project.

High Impact Strength

These pipes are manufactured by strictly adhering to the BIS specifications. While doing so, we also put these pipes through a range of tests to significantly enhance their performance and sturdiness. This helps it build high-impact strength, allowing it to perform at its best under several conditions.

Ability to Serve a Range of Applications

These many features of uPVC conduit pipes, like corrosion resistance, fire resistance, durability, etc., have been discussed to lengths. These very features make these pipes suitable to serve a range of applications like commercial buildings, industrial settings, telecommunications, healthcare facilities, etc.

Smooth Inner Surface

The smooth inner surface of uPVC pipes minimises frictional resistance to the flow of fluids, allowing for efficient and smooth wire transfer. With reduced friction, these pipes require less frequent maintenance compared to pipes with rough inner surfaces, thus reducing your maintenance costs.

The Safest Option – TMT Plus

TMT Plus is one of the leading manufacturers of PVC electrical conduit pipes in India and offers the safest option for electrical wiring in your spaces. Our products are backed by innovation, technology and the unwavering trust of our consumers. When you buy a TMT Plus uPVC conduit pipe or any of its products, you can be sure that it will deliver on its quality, performance and durability.

So if you are ready to install the best uPVC conduit pipes in your space, then buy these pipes from TMT Plus today!

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