PVC Water Tanks Water tanks are essential components of many households, providing a steady supply of water for various purposes. However, like any other part of a home's plumbing system, water tanks are prone to problems that can disrupt water flow and quality and even cause damage.

In this blog, we'll discuss some common water tank problems that are common and offer measures on how to avoid them.

Problem: Sediment Build-Up

Sediment formation is one of the most common problems under gutters. It occurs when particles and minerals settle in the water and form layers. This accumulation of water can corrode the water and reduce the storage capacity of the tank.


Regular protection is crucial to stopping sediment buildup. Draining and cleansing the tank at frequent intervals can help do away with sediment that has accrued. Installing a sediment filter at the tank's entrance can help seize particles before they settle.

Problem: Corrosion

Corrosion is another common concern, particularly in metallic water tanks. Rust can undermine the tank's shape, inflicting leaks and contaminating the water supply.


To avoid this, buy the best water tanks in India that have corrosion-resistant properties like PVC, fibreglass, stainless steel, etc. Additionally, applying a protective coating to metal tanks can help them last longer. Regular examinations for signs of rust or corrosion are also necessary.

Problem: Leaks

Leaks in water tanks can happen due to a wide range of causes, including corrosion, weak seals, or physical damage. Even a minor leak can waste water and compromise its purity.


Inspect the tank regularly for leaks, along with dampness or water stains around it. Replace damaged seals or fittings right away and fasten any fractures or defects in the tank's production. Regularly look into the tank's pressure relief valve to make certain it is running properly and discharging excess stress.

Problem: Bacterial Contamination

Stagnant water in tanks can provide breeding spaces for bacteria, algae and different microorganisms. Contaminated water can generate terrible odours and tastes, dangering consumers' health.


Cleaning and disinfecting the water tank regularly will help keep it away from bacterial growth. Use the vital disinfectants cautioned for potable water tanks and follow the instructions by the manufacturer. Ensure adequate ventilation to prevent algae growth and keep the water quality pure.

Problem: Overflow and Underflow

Improper water level management can cause overflow or underflow difficulties. Overflow can lead to water wastage and property damage, while underflow results in insufficient water delivery.


Install overflow and underflow prevention measures, such as float valves or sensors, to keep the tank's water levels stable. Check these mechanisms regularly to ensure good operation and make any necessary modifications.

Problem: Pressure Issues

Water strain fluctuations can occur for numerous reasons, which include pump malfunctions, clogged pipes, or air pockets in the device.


Inspect the pump and pressure tank for any indicators of malfunction, consisting of strange noises or vibrations. Check the pipes and fittings for clogs or leaks that would be impacting water pressure. To repair normal pressure levels, take the air out of the device by opening faucets and valves.

You can keep your water tank system efficient and reliable by applying preventive measures and addressing concerns as soon as they arise. Regular maintenance, cleaning, and inspection are necessary to ensure a consistent and clean water supply for your spaces. But one thing to keep in mind above all is that your tank should be by the top storage tank manufacturers in India like TMT Plus as it guarantees quality.

Ensuring Water Quality: How to Safeguard Your Tank and Your Health

Here are some tips to safeguard your water tank:

Regular Cleaning

Regularly clean your water tank to get rid of sediment, algae, and other contaminants that can accumulate over time. Use a scrub brush or pressure washing machine to clean the indoor surfaces of the tank.

Install a Filtration System

To improve the quality of your water and remove contaminants, install a filter system. Depending on your particular requirements, these may include UV sterilisation systems, carbon filters, or sediment filters.

Regular Maintenance

Perform routine maintenance on your tank, including filter system service, cleaning, and inspection. This will make sure that your tank stays in good shape and that getting water is simple.

Besides these tips, if you install a high-grade PVC water tank like that offered by TMT Plus, you can significantly enhance the quality and lifeline of your water tank. Because these tanks are made of LLDPE and food-grade materials that are free of harmful substances and non-toxic, they are less likely to degrade over time.

Other than that, these multi-layered tanks are also antibacterial, which ensures protection against bacteria. They also have an airtight lid, which prevents dust, debris, insects, leaves, etc. Both of these features ensure the utmost protection of your water quality.

All-in-One Solution with TMT Plus

We offer a range of multi-layered water tanks, namely 3, 4, 5, and 7-layered water tanks. These tanks address every issue that trails you. This is because these impeccable-quality tanks are made using 100% virgin raw material LLDPE and food-grade material. The process used to manufacture these tanks is automated and the technology used is rotomold technology.

With these tanks, you get features that keep the purity and integrity of your water and water tanks intact. They have UV resistance, consistent wall thickness, an airtight lid, are weatherproof, etc. All of these features make it both economical and durable in the long run.

Backed by Trust and Legacy

Different tanks bring forth different issues, but water tanks made using the highest quality PVC material offer solutions for all of these problems. TMT Plus has become the top PVC water tank manufacturer in India. In all regards, this has been possible due to the quality of the products that we commit to our consumers. But what makes us stand out is not only our quality and competitive pricing but also the trust of our customers in us. We have had an incredible journey since our inception in 2002 and we plan to continuously evolve by leading the way for our sector through constant innovation and development.

By water tanks that are the perfect solution to all your problems from TMT Plus today!
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