Best Water Storage Tank Manufacturer in India - TMT Plus Installing a water tank in your home is an investment that offers numerous advantages for your property. However, selecting the perfect location for your water tank can be a challenging task. In this blog, we will explore the various factors you should take into account when choosing the ideal spot for your water tank and why it’s important nowdays: Determining Space and Tank Dimensions The first step in selecting a location for your water tank is to measure the available area. Ensure there is enough space around the tank for easy access during routine maintenance. Avoid placing the tank too close to buildings, trees, or other obstacles that might hinder future adjustments. Assess Your Catchment System Before Installation Before proceeding with the installation, it's crucial to evaluate your water catchment system. The location that collects the most rainwater during storms is the best choice for efficient water collection. Above-ground tanks provide flexibility and the option to relocate them for optimal utilization. Preventing Algae Growth If your tank lacks UV protection technology, it's essential to position it in a location shielded from direct sunlight. Shaded areas not only help maintain water temperatures but also discourage algae growth. Key Requirements for Tank Placement Regardless of your chosen location, certain requirements must be met to ensure the longevity and functionality of your water storage system. These include a stable and reinforced tank base, proximity to the catchment surface, and avoiding tight spaces, dry areas, and direct sunlight. Slope of the Location Ensure the ground is stable and level to prevent hazards and ensure the tank’s stability. Proximity to Usage Areas Consider the areas where you'll primarily use the stored water, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or gardens, and position the tank accordingly. Location of Downpipes Installing the tank near existing downpipes reduces installation costs and improves water collection efficiency. Size and Space Assess if your property has enough space for the chosen tank size and type. In limited-space situations, underground tanks may be an option. Compliance with Local Regulations Check with your local council for any additional permits or fees required for water tank installation. Property Aesthetics If visual appeal is a concern, think about concealing the tank behind landscaping or positioning it discreetly to minimize visibility, especially in shared living spaces. The careful selection of the optimal location for your water tank placement is a critical decision that impacts the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your water storage system. By considering catchment systems, plumbing methods, and location-related factors, you can ensure that your water tank serves its purpose effectively while minimizing future complications. TMT Plus, a brand that has won the trust of innumerable people and institutions, offers durability, easy maintenance, and advanced technology, including UV ray protection, to maintain the quality of stored water.

Why TMT Plus Water Tanks are the Best in the Business

Depending on your specific needs and intended use, TMT Plus, a leading plastic water tank manufacturer in India, and our water tank comes with various beneficial features, such as- uniform thickness, antiviral, no biofilm formation, unbreakable tight lid, odorless, also offers a range of options. 3-Layer Water Tanks: These tanks are lightweight, making them easy to transport and install. They provide dual-layer protection with a central carbon black layer for UV shielding. 4-Layer Water Tanks: Falling under the classic category, these tanks come with extra insulation to ensure water freshness even in high temperatures. 5-Layer Water Tanks: These tanks feature double foam insulation and a robust design, ideal for extreme temperature conditions. 7-Layer Water Tanks: Offering antimicrobial, antioxidant, and carbon protection, these tanks have a long shelf life and maintain water freshness and odor control. Features such as versatility, ease of installation, and non-toxic properties make them suitable for a wide range of applications. The tanks are highly customizable, UV-resistant, and require minimal maintenance, making them a practical and cost-effective option for both residential and commercial use. Select TMT Plus, the best water storage tank manufacturer in India, and choose what best suits your requirements from our extensive product range. Experience the noticeable difference in quality and performance with this upgrade.
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