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TMT Plus is a notable manufacturer of a diverse range of polymer products in Ambala, Haryana. Since its inception in 2002, TMT Plus has been providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Its state-of-the-art technology plants are engaged in constant innovation to ensure the products stand out in the market. From a small business to a more developed organisation, TMT Plus has built a noteworthy reputation over the years by gaining the trust of its customers through its durability, efficiency, superior quality, and innovative solutions.


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TMT Plus is the leading manufacturer of quality polymer products in India. The best raw materials are used to manufacture each product while ensuring all safety and hygiene guidelines are maintained. The product range includes water storage tanks, casings, cappings, PVC fittings, and more.


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Our wide range of quality products caters an equally wide range of industrial, commercial as well as corporate clients.

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A supreme supplier of polymer products in India and a trusted company known for its durability and efficiency, TMT Plus has the better for you. Click below to find us!

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A pioneer in the field of uPVC pipes and tanks, TMT Plus’ journey began in 1960 when it partnered with M/s Ambala Electric Wood Works and started a business of manufacturing high-quality wooden electrical fittings material. These included Wooden Casing Capping, Batten and Teak Wood Switch Boards and Boxes. As the market developed, the company started trading in PVC Casing Capping and PVC pipes as well.

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