Without a doubt, anything that receives attention also attracts a lot of controversies. The same is true of uPVC conduit pipes, which are the most widely used because they can withstand large variations in operating pressure and temperature. They are the most commonly used pipes for the flow of drinking and cold water, as well as sewage lines and exterior drainage pipes, due to their extreme strength.

This has given rise to numerous misconceptions about their durability and other applications, which we will discuss in this blog.

"They are not very strong"

Before purchasing the safest uPVC conduit pipes for your homes or offices, you may have sought out a lot of advice. From many of those who offered advice, you may have heard that these pipes are not very strong and cannot hold a candle to steel ones. However, it is always preferable to listen to the expert than to the person who heard it from a third party.

TMT Plus, the best conduit pipe bends suppliers in north India and their experts might be able to assist you in this. First of all, we're sorry to inform you that you were misinformed. In fact, it is designed to be as rigid and strong as possible to enable the successful installation of triple glazing into the units. Simply put, uPVC's inherent strength will never jeopardise the integrity of your building's structure.

"uPVC is not good for the environment"

This is completely a wrong phrase as uPVC pipes are made to be environmentally friendly, they can be recycled, which entails that they can be disassembled and formed into a different shape for different use. uPVC pipes do not harm trees or the environment, in contrast to how paper is made.

Additionally, once the uPVC conduit pipes are installed, they act as insulation, allowing less heat to enter the building and reducing its environmental impact.

"They don't last very long"

This is a faulty statement, while less than timber or aluminium, uPVC conduit pipes typically have a lifespan of 20 years, which can be doubled if high-quality materials are used. They will continue acting and functioning as usual during this time, holding firm in the face of the scorching sun, strong winds, and chilly weather.

"It will turn yellow by the time"

As time has a new sense of evolution, the uPVC conduit pipes have too. The old fittings might turn yellow over time, but the robust quality of TMT Plus's best electrical conduit pipe in North India will never give you a chance to complain over this matter.

"Requires a lot of care"

One of the most perplexing myths we've come across is this one. uPVC requires very little upkeep. One of uPVC's biggest benefits, aside from its thermal properties, which make it fire resistant, is its ability to be easily cleaned on infrequent occasions when homeowners need to do this. Modern uPVC conduit pipes are a vast improvement over old-style steel pipes and fittings.They are ideal for people who want a "fit and forget" experience.

“Only white uPVC pipes are made of fresh raw material.”

This is considered the biggest misconception floating around the market, and many manufacturers frequently encounter questions of this nature. However, in reality, the colour of uPVC conduit pipes has nothing to do with the quality level of the raw materials used to make them. The use of the raw materials in the manufacturing process for uPVC pipes and the chemicals used to create them must be top notch!

We hope that we were able to dispel your misconceptions about uPVC pipes and fittings. We also advise against making erroneous assumptions and always seek professional advice. Why not get in touch with us for more details on our selection of uPVC pipes and fittings? To obtain high-quality pipes and fittings for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, get in touch with TMT Plus, the best electrical pipe for house wiring in Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh.

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