uPVC plumbing pipes and fittings - TMT Plus A proper water supply system is quite essential in all spaces, be they residential or commercial. One of the most important factors to consider is what kind of pipes we use for water supply. So before you go out and buy the best pipes to install, here are a few points you must consider. Here, we will also explore why there is a rapid shift towards uPVC fittings and pipes and why they are of superior quality.

Galvanised Steel
Galvanised pipes are steel pipes that have been zinc-coated to provide numerous advantages. Because of their corrosion resistance, they are long-lasting in a variety of scenarios, particularly in water supply systems. The zinc coating functions as a protective barrier, preventing rust and corrosion and thus extending the pipe's lifespan.

Copper pipes are well-known for their dependability and ease of maintenance. Copper pipes' adaptability makes them suited for a variety of plumbing systems, and they are frequently utilized in both residential and commercial settings. Copper has antibacterial properties that restrict bacterial growth, resulting in cleaner water and a lower chance of contamination within the pipes.

Cast Iron
Because these pipes are strong and can sustain significant weight, they are ideal for underground use in water distribution networks. These pipes' resilience makes them resistant to harm from external factors such as pressure changes and ground movement. Furthermore, cast iron pipes feature a smooth internal surface that facilitates optimum water flow while reducing friction and the likelihood of clogs or obstructions.

These pipes are extremely tough and can sustain large external pressures, due to which they are often preferred for applications such as drainage. Concrete pipes are resistant to corrosion and rust, extending their lifespan and preserving water purity. In addition, concrete pipes have a smooth internal surface, which supports efficient water flow while reducing friction and the possibility of obstructions.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel pipes are very resistant to rust, corrosion, and many forms of chemical degradation, resulting in longer durability and the preservation of water quality. Because of their longevity and strength, stainless steel pipes can tolerate high pressure and extreme temperatures, ensuring dependability and safety.

Why is There a Shift Towards uPVC Pipes?

Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift in people's preferences for pipes, most of them shifting from traditionally used materials like stainless steel or copper pipes to uPVC pipes. Several factors have informed this change in people's choices.

One of the major factors, of course, has to be the superior-quality material that uPVC is as compared to the other traditional materials. These traditional pipes that are used for water supply often pose the risk of degradation over time, cracking open, rusting, etc., all of which directly affect the quality of water.

uPVC pipes, especially those by renowned brands like TMT Plus, are surging in demand since they are made using the highest quality materials. By installing these uPVC pipes, you can avoid challenges that would otherwise occur with older materials, such as corrosion or leakage. This is because these pipes have incredible features that allow them to be durable and deliver quality performance consistently.

Extraordinary Features of uPVC Pipes

Corrosion Resistance
Corrosion acids, alkalis, and other compounds found in soil and water are particularly resistant to uPVC pipes. As a result, they have a long lifespan and are suitable for use in water supply and drainage systems.

Because of their resilience to external elements such as sunshine, moisture, and chemicals, uPVC pipe fittings have a long shelf life. They do not degrade easily, making them a dependable and long-lasting solution for a variety of applications.

Because uPVC pipes are lightweight, they are simple to handle, transport, and install. This feature contributes to quicker and more cost-effective installations compared to heavier materials like metal or concrete.

Smooth Interior Surface
The smooth interior surface of uPVC pipes minimizes friction and allows for efficient fluid flow. This characteristic is beneficial for maintaining consistent water pressure and reducing the risk of blockages.

Low Maintenance
uPVC pipes generally require minimal maintenance throughout their lifetime. This is because their resistance to corrosion and chemicals reduces the need for frequent repairs or replacements and contributes to cost savings over time.

These pipes are made of a non-toxic material and thus, they are safe for transporting drinking water. They do not leach harmful substances into the water, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

Insulation Properties
Pipes made of uPVC material have good insulation properties, making them suitable for applications where electrical conductivity is a concern. They do not conduct electricity, adding to their versatility.

Chemical Resistance
Being resistant to a wide range of chemicals makes these uPVC pipes suitable for use in industries where exposure to corrosive substances is a concern.
uPVC Pipes and Fittings by TMT Plus
TMT Plus is among the most trustworthy and leading uPVC pipe manufacturers in India. The quality of their products has helped establish TMT Plus as a household name for all sorts of polymer products. The company offers the best solution for leak-proof water supply with its range of high-quality uPVC pipes and fittings, which include:

uPVC Agri Pipes and Fittings
These agriculture pipes and fittings are ideal for portable water supply to agricultural fields for crop irrigation, groundwater extraction, etc. because they are unaffected by soil, heat, chemicals, and changes in the outside weather.

uPVC Plumbing Pipes and Fittings
TMT Plus's uPVC plumbing pipes and fittings are manufactured to world-class standards and meet all of your plumbing needs, whether in residences or public structures. They can endure high liquid flow pressure without leaking in both hot and cold water.
uPVC SWR Pipes and Fittings
TMT Plus uPVC SWR pipes and fittings offer the best plumbing solutions by providing a sturdy and reliable drainage system that functions optimally both under normal and tough conditions. These pipes can serve various applications without leakage and are very durable since they don't corrode or get damaged very easily.

So with a brand like TMT Plus, one of the best PVC pipe companies in India, at your service, choose the best pipe to install according to your needs.
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