The real estate industry is ever-expanding and always offering newer concepts and designs. The development of properties – individual homes or apartments in housing projects – commercial, management, among others, involves the crucial laying of pipes for basic necessities such as plumbing, drainage, electrical and water storage.

Trust us for plumbing, electrical needs

Our decades of experience in handling individual or bulk real estate projects cater to various sizes and varied tolerances. For plumbing and drainage needs, trust our uPVC pipes and fittings for leakage-proof, hygienic and year-round, consistent work. For electrical wirings, our conduit pipes, casing and capping provides a safe mechanism for flow of electricity. Our conduits have a high dialectical strength and insulation resistance. These suit the best electrical fittings in a house.


Why our uPVC pipes best for Real Estate

  • Eco-friendly, resistant to chemicals: uPVC pipes are produced using environmentally friendly and new unplasticised polyvinyl chloride compounds, making them both eco-friendly and chemical-resistant. Their integration into plumbing systems is attributed to their excellent resistance to various chemicals.
  • Lightweight: Characterised by their lightweight nature, durability, and resilience, uPVC pipes require minimal maintenance. With a specific weight only one-fifth that of steel pipes, they incur lower transportation costs and facilitate straightforward installation.
  • Durable: Inherently long-lasting, UPVC pipes are resistant to minerals, corrosion, and harsh environmental conditions, preventing issues like corrosion and scaling. These pipes also exhibit high strength and UV resistance.
  • Cost-effective: Not only are uPVC pipes cost-effective due to easy installation, but they also entail low operational expenses. Their robust nature contributes to long-term savings by eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Design and Specifications/ USP

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