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The best uPVC electrical conduit pipes and fittings manufacturers company in North India are used in residential & commercial places to carry electric wires. They come in various sizes and with varied tolerances. It is resistant to crushing and has high flexibility in bending. With high dialectical strength and insulation resistance, these suit the best electrical fittings in a house.


TMT Plus' best quality water tank in Punjab can be used to store water in hospitals. It is made with 100% virgin material, Food-Grade, UV stabilised for heat insulation and has an airtight lid. These come in various layers, such as 7 layer, 5 layer, 4 layer, & 3 layer water tanks. With different capacity ranges and different colors, they are available for all hospitality matters.


TMT Plus’ top quality agricultural water pipe and fittings in north India provide a leakproof and uninterrupted supply to your farms. They are made after thorough research and tests are conducted in accordance with BIS specifications. Available in various sizes and shapes, they are resistant to soil movements. They form an essential piece of equipment for agricultural practices. They are easy to repair and hygienic for drinking water supplies.

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