When dealing with water system-related issues in a hospitality project, it is crucial to consider various factors. During designing, obtaining information about the water supply, including its hardness and potential contaminants is essential. Additionally, accurate data on the facility's water demand is necessary for proper sizing of water system equipment.

Our uPVC pipes and fittings and water storage tanks are the best when it comes to specifications and safety, hygiene that is crucial across the industry.


uPVC pipes and fittings, water tanks help in maintaining hygiene

  • Hygiene is crucial: The hygienic property of uPVC pipes is maintained with their non-toxic property. This is a crucial factor in upholding water quality standards in hotels and other hospitality establishments, where water serves diverse purposes, including drinking and food preparation.
  • Immune to corrosion: uPVC pipes and water tanks are immune to corrosion, making them well-suited for water transport and storage, particularly in the hospitality industry where water quality is of utmost importance.
  • Durable: uPVC material, known for its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and temperature variations without rust or decay, has a significant advantage in maintaining reliable water infrastructure essential for daily operations in the hospitality sector.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight aspect of uPVC pipes help in with relation to reducing labour costs and installation time. This proves beneficial in hospitality projects, where swift and efficient construction and installation are imperative to minimise disruptions to ongoing operations.
  • Thermal insulation: The insulation properties of uPVC pipes are notable for their natural ability to reduce heat loss during the transportation of hot water. This feature is particularly beneficial in hospitality settings where hot water is extensively used, such as in kitchens, laundry facilities, and guest accommodations.
  • Resistant to chemicals: uPVC’s resistance to a wide range of chemicals is crucial in the hospitality industry where water systems may come into contact with various cleaning agents and chemicals.

Why you should opt for our uPVC pipes and fittings, water storage tanks

  • Durable: uPVC pipes are durable and can operate effectively at higher temperatures when compared to alternative pipe materials.
  • Non-combustible: PVC pipe fittings are non-combustible and do not ignite spontaneously.
  • Flexible: The connections between uPVC plumbing pipes possess robust strength and flexibility, ensuring secure and straightforward installation within a pipe network.
  • Structural integrity: The structural integrity of these pipes adds to their long life under optimal conditions with no external force of damage.

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