The agriculture sector in India is one of the most important ones. It’s imperative that the crops get timely and sufficient water for proper and rich harvesting. Our top-quality agricultural water pipes and fittings in provide a leak-proof and uninterrupted supply to farms.

After conducting a rigorous set of tests in accordance with BIS specifications, they are released to the market. Available in various sizes and shapes, they are resistant to soil movements. They form an essential piece of equipment for agricultural practices. They are easy to repair and hygienic for drinking water supplies.


Benefits of our Agri Pipes

  • Material quality: Manufactured from top-tier uPVC material, these pipes prioritise agricultural needs, ensuring seamless flow of water.
  • Versatile: Offering versatility, these pipes and fittings can be seamlessly installed both above and below the ground.
  • Durable: Resilient to corrosion, they remain unaffected by soil and agricultural chemicals, demonstrating durability against the challenges of different seasons.
  • Prolonged life: These pipes have a prolonged lifespan and in the event of damages are easily replaceable or repairable.
  • UV resistance: Featuring UV resistance and smooth inner surface, our Agri pipes and fittings provide optimal solutions.

Why our uPVC Agri Pipes and Fittings are the right fit

Several of the features of our uPVC Agri Pipes and Fittings make them ideal for farms. Among the chief aspects of the pipes are their all-season functioning without compromise and immunity to corrosion.
Compared to metal pipes, these are cost-effective in the transportation, installation and maintenance stages.

Design and Specifications/ USP

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