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Junction boxes are an essential component of our buildings' electrical systems. They contribute to the creation of a safe enclosure for electrical connections, protecting them from potential risks.

In this blog, we will explore why metal junction boxes, especially those by leading brands, stand out:

Is Plastic a Better Option than Metal?

Though many may consider plastic boxes a much better and more affordable option than metal junction boxes, this is really not the case.

Unlike metal boxes, which have strong durability, fire resistance, and grounding and shielding capabilities, plastic boxes do not. Though plastic boxes may have a few pros, like being more affordable and lightweight than metal ones, their cons outweigh the pros. The plastic boxes are non-conductive and, in some cases, do not provide the same kind of resilience that metal boxes would. Also, if the plastic box is not of the highest quality, it has good chances of burning and melting.

So with the above-given scenarios, metal electrical boxes do seem to be a better option.

Are Metal Boxes Really Important?

As we have learned and explored, the metal junction boxes are a much better option than the plastic ones. Let’s explore some reasons why these metal boxes stand out:

Containment of Sparks and Fires

Metal boxes are fireproof and can confine sparks or flames caused by electrical problems. This helps keep fires from spreading outside of the box.

Protection from Physical Damage

They are often stronger and more durable than their plastic counterparts, offering better resistance to impact and other physical forces. This protects the electrical system against damage caused by environmental conditions or other external forces.

EMI/RFI Shielding

Metal boxes provide efficient shielding against electromagnetic and radiofrequency interference. Metal boxes help capture these interferences, maintaining the electrical system's stability and safety.


Metal boxes can easily be grounded, allowing fault currents to safely disperse into the ground. Proper grounding protects against electrical shocks and keeps the metal components of the electrical system at a safe voltage level.

Features of Metal Boxes by TMT Plus

Durability: Metal electrical boxes are more durable and can survive extreme conditions than plastic or other non-metallic materials, ensuring the long-term safety and reliability of electrical installations.

Fire Resistance: Metal is naturally fire-resistant, adding an extra layer of protection in the event of an electrical breakdown. Metal boxes can help contain a short circuit or overheating situation and prevent the spread of fire.

Conductive Properties: Metal has conductive properties that help in the effective disposal of heat that is produced by electrical components. This is necessary in order to minimise overheating, which can lead to device failure or fire hazards.

Corrosion Resistance: High-quality metal boxes are coated to resist corrosion caused by moisture or other environmental factors. This keeps them in great condition even after being exposed to extreme circumstances.

Multiple Sizes: We offer metal boxes in various sizes, like 18 gauge, 20 gauge, etc., as modular boxes. Make sure you select the wires required for your specific needs so that your electrical setup is not cramped.

Certifications: TMT Plus products have BIS certification, which indicates that all products, including metal boxes, have been tested to measure up to the safety and performance standards.

Is TMT Plus a Good Option?

TMT Plus is arguably the best brand you can go for if you are looking for the best metal junction boxes in India. This is because, as the leading metal box manufacturers in India, we offer the highest-quality electrical junction boxes, which are also available in various sizes and colours and are best for use in both residential and commercial applications.

Started in 2002, we have carved a name for ourselves by providing our customers with the best quality products at affordable prices for their residential, commercial and industrial needs. TMT Plus has grown by bounds over the years and gained a noteworthy reputation for itself by delivering its consumers with durable, efficient, superior quality and innovative solutions.

So make the safest choice with TMT Plus and buy the best solution to ensure the safety in your spaces.

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